MOH Nice Project Launches


Health Office (DHO) Pangkep, Nice project launched. In this project, has 20 motor launch to field officers, a special charge of health, and expected the officers, increasingly more active in conducting services in various places, all of it for the benefit of the people.

Similarly, the Regent stressed Pangkep, Shamsuddin A Hamid, told Upeks. "We expect to field officers of health services, primary health center staff who are in, to become more proactive in the service to the community," he said.

Pangkep today, will further improve the various services to the community, even if it is located in remote areas, for example in the area penggunungan and regions farthest islands. "We will bring a variety of projects from the center, including today, Nice project," he said.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Hj Latif M Indriaty Kes, in his study revealed that project from the center of Nice is engaged in a program of nutrition, because nutrition is very important in supporting health.

For that to the officer both in health centers and the village health clinic, as early as possible to socialize about nutrition, "It must be cultivated about nutrition in the midst of society, so much to create a healthy society," he said.

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